Strict Hygiene Standard

Tue, Jan, 3, 2017

We take extra effort to prevent foreign object and insect contamination in our finish product. We have strict control to meet food safety standard which confirm to the ISO22000, HACCP and GHP.   bo chuyen dong 0-5A sang 4-20mA 

Strict Clothing Requirement
strict clothing requirement All workers are required to wear protective glove, hair net and full body suit, slippers before entering the plant.    cảm biến đo nước 
Good Hygiene Practice
good hygiene practice All workers are required to wash hand with anti-bacteria soap before entering the Packaging area.
Insect Prevention
Insec Preventation Insect repellent spay are used monthly around the factory environment monthly. Inspect repelling lights are used near entrance to prevent insect contamination.
Foreign Contamination Preventation
double door All entrances to the production floor have double layer enclosure to prevent foreign contamination. Separate forklifts are used between production area and the warehouse. All personal entering production area must follow strict clothing requirement.

Strict Quality Control Standard

Our QC Team composted educated professional that have years of experience in the QC field. The team is independent from our manufacture team and report directly to our top manager. This grand the QC team highest power in our factory. They have right to stop any shipment that have quality issue.  dong ho do dong 4-20mA 
Incoming material inspection.

Incomming Material Inspection
incoming material inspection All incoming films are checked before used. Varies measurements are taken to check against approved data. Once rejected, films are sent back for further examination.
Outgoing Material Inspection
outgoing material inspection All outgoing finished product are checked twice in the factory. Finish product will be checked online by packager against qualifying standard before packing into case. Our QC team will do random check in the warehouse for a second inspection.
Proper Quarantine Procedure
proper quarantine procedure Rejected material are specially marked and move to a quarantine area pending final disposal. Once a product is deem rejected by the QC team, the material is hold until further inspection. Our QC team have right to stop a shipment if product doesn’t meet standard.
Complete Complaint Procedure
proper quarantine procedure All complaints are traceable through our QC system for up to 1 year. Each complaint is follow up with further corrective action by manufacture. Complaints trends are further analysis monthly for further action.

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